Home Theater Projectors That Turn Any Wall Into A Cinema

October 15, 2022

Want a bigger picture than it’s practical to get from a flat-screen TV? Or perhaps you want your home theater experience to be more portable? Even with the presence of truly enormous TVs, home theater projectors remain a great choice for making the small screen a lot larger. The best home theater projectors let you show TV shows, movies and games in vivid color and larger-than-life detail—anywhere you can beam content onto a screen or blank wall.

Home theater projectors use a lamp to project your source video. Typically, projectors have a maximum image size they can produce—and a maximum lamp brightness—which is important becuase most projectors require you to black out your windows or not watch in daylight.

Our current top pick—the Hisense PX1 Pro—is also a short throw projector—which means you can position the projector close to a projection surface and still achieve a large image (usually, image size is correlated with how far the projector sits from the projection surface). Here are more of the best home theater projectors—and some are even great for gaming.

4K Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth


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