Best Projector Club:Choose A Projector According to Your Needs

If you feel that traditional projectors do not support wireless projection and do not have an Android system, and hate the bunch of wires on the projector’s butt, consider a projector with wireless projection or an Android system. The current market is that low- and medium-priced smart projectors can project wirelessly.

If you don’t want to install it from the ceiling or it’s inconvenient for front projection, give up the projector without left and right keystone correction.

If you pursue picture quality, choose a high-pressure mercury lamp at the same price.

If you often play games and hate lag, choose one with a high refresh rate.

If you often watch football games, choose one with motion compensation.

Raydem Native 1080P Video Projector

Unrivaled Technology

This small projector packs a huge innovation punch with Bluetooth, Native 1080P, HiFi Sound, 2.4 & 5G WiFi, and 13,000 LUX/350 ANSI for an unparalleled experience.

Encompassing Sound Quality

With shattering sound output from 5W HiFi surround sound stereo speaker and Bluetooth ability, be in the middle of every play, scene and move. Experience your favorite movies in a whole new way!

Wi-Fi Connection

Whether you are using a 2.4 G or 5G service this wireless projector is ready for maximum action. Either connecting your phone projector for Android or connecting your phone projector for iPhone brings the excitement to you!

Action Centered

Why watch the big game on a boring average TV when you can be in the middle of all the action with the Raydem TV projector!

Best Projector Club:Choose A Projector According to Your Needs

BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO Projector for Movies, Gaming & Sports

The TK850 brings true HDR viewing into your bright living room. Enjoy huge 100”+ 4K UHD footage with HDR-PRO technology. Custom motion audio and picture modes make all the action more immersive.

The 8.3-megapixel image lets you watch at home but feels like you’re in a stadium. All in a sleek, compact design that makes it the center of the action. Let the TK850 turn your living room into the perfect place for you and your friends!

BenQ’s enhanced Cinema Optimized Tone Mapping uses Dynamic Iris and Dynamic Black to improve contrast and preserve shadow detail in overall sharpness. HDR brightness maintains an ideal high contrast ratio while projecting different image sizes and various screen gains, most commonly used in home theater. This ensures a wider contrast range and excellent image quality when HDR mode is activated. HDR brightness optimization provides consistent performance starting at 80.

4K HDR Enjoy HDR-PRO Technology Powered by HDR10 and HLG Advanced 4K Lens Architecture The TK850’s 4K optical system uses the highest grade glass for exceptional lifelike image quality.

Best Projector Club:Choose A Projector According to Your Needs

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