Best 4K projector: home theater beamers worth buying

October 15, 2022

The best 4K projectors are still the way to go if you want the ultimate home theater experience. As good (and big) as today’s TVs are, these engineering feats deliver a bigger impact while taking up less space than a huge TV that dominates your home. 


What’s more, some 4K projectors can even provide a bigger image than the vast majority of TV models can ever reach. Some models project 100-inch images, which is the norm, but higher-end ones can offer projections as large as 300 inches – or as small as 40 inches, if that’s all you have space for on your wall.

Setting up a projector is also easier than you’d expect. So, if you’re concerned about the hassle of setting up or installing a projector – over, say, one of the best TVs  – don’t be. In fact, with small portable projectors and ultra-short-throw projectors offering ways to create big images while taking up less space, it might even be easier. because they won’t require you to rearrange an entire room to accommodate them.

With an excellent 4K projector, you’re getting truly massive, bright and beautiful images and immersive viewing without the bulkiness of a massive TV. These projectors are truly worth checking out, especially if you want to create a minimalist home or just don’t have the space for a gigantic 85-inch TV (or even a 65-inch model).

We’ve tested and reviewed our share of 4K projectors, from highest-specified models to great value ones. To guide you in picking the ideal choice for you, we gathered the best 4K projectors right now, throwing in one or two that cap out at HD or Full HD to bring you more choice to those with smaller budgets. If you’re looking for something that’s more portable, you must consult our best outdoor projectors guide as well.

XGIMI Elfin Mini Projector

  • 1080p Resolution: Packs stunning 1080p FHD resolution for a clear visual display.
  • ISA Technology: Our Intelligent Screen Adaption technology features automatic focusing, screen adjustment, and obstacle avoidance for a fast and easy setup.
  • 800 ANSI Lumens: Enjoy a 150 inch screen filled with ample brightness and contrast in dark environments or a 60-80 inch view during the day under natural light.
  • 6W Harman Kardon Speakers: Premium 6W Harman Kardon speakers paired with DTS and DOLBY compatibility deliver crisp and clear audio.
  • Android Tv 10.0: Access 5000+ apps, including Disney +, HBO Max, Prime Video, Peacock, and more, with the integrated Android TV 10.0.

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